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Apple Cinnamon Jam

1.900 KWD

Apple Jam

1.600 KWD

Apple Jam 400g

1.900 KWD

Apple Jam Organic 315g

2.800 KWD

Apple Jelly

2.250 KWD

Apple Preserve 340g

2.250 KWD

Apricot Jam  

3.000 KWD

Apricot Jam 340g

2.250 KWD

Apricot Jam 365g

3.300 KWD

Apricot Jam 370g

1.600 KWD

Apricot Jam 400g

2.750 KWD

Apricot Jam 430g

1.900 KWD

Apricot Jam 470g

4.200 KWD

Apricot Jelly 375g

3.400 KWD

Bitter Orange Peel in Syrup 340g

2.350 KWD

Cherry Jam

3.000 KWD

Cherry Jam 365g

4.000 KWD

Clementine Mamalade

1.500 KWD

Date Preserve 340g

3.000 KWD

Eggplants Stuffed with Roasted Almonds Preserved in Syrup

3.750 KWD