A care package from sweet home.

This pleasant human feeling is what distinguishes our shop

About Our Online Store

Lebanon is more than a country. It is a relation - with a place and
people – that very hard to get over it.

Many expatriates and even non-Lebanese friends living around the world feel nostalgic for the happy times, with persistent memories of delicious foods, the warmth of family gatherings and intimate friendships. To recreate such feelings, they look for ‘patriotic’ products that could, through taste and aroma, take them back to such times of incredible intimate wealth and joyful traditions.

The idea of ​​establishing our digital shop came after many of them complained that what they buy from the market did not tone with their unforgettable experience of Lebanese products. They expressed their dissatisfaction over the available products as they sometimes lack the traditional and authentic attributes, that would trigger some of those beautiful and fun moments and memories, besides the sense of security and intimacy associated with home, family and loved ones.

This pleasant human feeling is what distinguishes our shop, through our selection of products available to our customers, some of which are part of crops and victuals of Lebanese villages, rural delights that have stood the test of modern times. Delights that speak of our culinary heritage, and reflect the care with which they were prepared; they revive in us our granny colourfully decorated house, her affection, insisting on feeding us whenever we visit her. In addition, of course, to hand-made winter supplies with fresh ingredients, free of colourings and preservatives, of centuries-old tradition with truly tempting flavours and healthy qualities that reflect the rich nature of ingredients offered by Lebanese earth.

Moreover, our shop provides the opportunity to enjoy Lebanese products that represent part of our growing-up years, which draw a smile on our face when we buy them, reminiscent of our childhood and indescribable fun, as if it is Eid all over again.

The current global situation due to the outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19) disease, the resulting change in shopping habits, and the importance of maintaining social distancing have made the idea of ​​our shop, selling Lebanese village products online a good and necessary idea in these times, to secure the needs of customers without having to leave the house and expose themselves to the risk of contracting the virus.